Located just outside of South Nanaimo is a community called Chase River. It is very easy for individuals to miss it as it is somewhat rural and more natural than other areas. Nevertheless, it is stunning and the ideal place to buy a home in Nanaimo. For those planning to invest in a home, don’t overlook the value and beauty that Chase River has to offer to you and to your family.

What You’ll Find in Chase River

The community of Chase River sits right next to the Nanaimo River Estuary. It is this area that helps to give the neighborhood a somewhat rural feel and a natural setting. However, it is not far from area shopping and restaurants. In fact, there are many options available to meet most homeowners’ needs right in the immediate area. The area is also close to the parkway. For those who commute into the downtown area or who want immediate access to the ferry terminals, Chase River is only a short drive away. It’s a conveniently located town in the heart of Nanaimo’s stunning region.

What about real estate in Chase River? You’ll find a wide range of options but one of the key features of homes here is their diversity. It is possible to find a home for a young family just starting out that’s reasonably priced. On the other hand, there are large, expansive mansions in some areas. It’s also possible to buy a home on one or two acres of land. The community has various neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and good walkability as well.

Finding the ideal home in Nanaimo means taking a closer look at some of these stunning communities. Work with an experienced Chase River real estate agent that can help you pinpoint the specific area that’s right for your needs. Nanaimo real estate is versatile to ensure everyone finds what they are looking for.