Making the decision to buy a home in any location is challenging. Yet, many people find that Vancouver Island, and specifically Nanaimo, is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. The area has attracted a large number of people who are looking for an up-and-coming lifestyle. The area’s demand also comes from the high quality of life present here. With so many options and neighbourhoods, it is no wonder this community is seeing significant demand from home buyers.

View from North Nanaimo Home Balcony

View from the Balcony of a North Nanaimo Home | Image Provided by VIREB

The Key Reasons to Buy in Nanaimo

There are various reasons to buy a home in Nanaimo. Consider these factors:

• The community is very livable. This comes from having a moderately sized community of 85,000 people, numerous area amenities, and a great overall location. It is only 90 minutes to get into Vancouver, for those who need to do so for business or travel. Additionally, the area has plenty of green spaces to enjoy.

• Nanaimo remains more affordable than most of the larger cities in this area. It is more affordable than Victoria and Vancouver, for example, yet still provides great accessibility and amenities.

• This is a very eco-friendly community. The city spends a great deal of time making the area as environmentally friendly as much as possible.

• There is plenty to do in this area. That includes snowboarding in the winter and sailing all summer. It is possible to hike, mountain bike, or spend time skiing as well.

• This is a modern community with plenty of shops and upscale dining. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for outstanding entertainment and recreation.

For those who are interested in homes for sale in Nanaimo, the good news is there are dozens of options available to you in this area. You can come to live by the beaches or to spend time enjoying the modern nightlife and upscale dining here. On the other hand, many people buy real estate in Nanaimo because, by far, it remains a small town in the way it feels.