The Ultimate Guide To Moving & Living in Parksville, BC

Located on the beautiful Vancouver Island is the quaint city of Parksville, British Columbia. Nestled on the eastern shores of the island, Parksville is home to approximately 15,000 residents who enjoy stunning views of the Strait of Georgia and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Parksville is a great place to call home, with its moderate climate, beautiful scenery, and friendly residents. If you're thinking of moving to Parksville, or are already living here and are looking for information on how to make the most of your experience, this guide is for you.

History of Parksville, BC

Long before Euro-Canadians settled in the Parksville area, inhabitants from several Coastal Salish indigenous groups occupied what is the city. The Spanish were the first Europeans to explore the area back in 1791, who were followed shortly after by the fleet of George Vancouver of the British Royal Navy.

The first European landholder in the Parksville area was John Hirst, who pre-empted 120 hectares (300 acres) of land on both sides of the Englishman River and never moved there from Nanaimo. In fact, this little spot would remain an outpost until just before 1900 when a road connecting it more closely with Vancouver Island's capital city had been built! 

In 1877, mail was distributed from the cabin of the first postmaster Nelson Parks, for whom the city is named after. In 1901, the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Company opened up logging rail access to McBride Junction. This sparked a tourism boom in Parksville as many Vancouver Island residents travelled there to enjoy its beautiful beaches with their families. During that time period motels, stores or resorts soon followed suit creating an entirely new community that continues prospering today, after being incorporated as a Village in June of 1945, then a Town in April of 1978 and finally a city in June of 1981.

Today. the Tertiary sector and Secondary sectors make up the largest part of Parksville's economy. The three largest types in this city are the service industry, construction industry, as well as business/ finance administrative support jobs due to it being a summer tourism spot with many retirees moving into that area for their retirement funds or just wanting some peace & quiet away from big cities life. There also exists primary sector industries around which provide fishing opportunities alongside forestry practices but all contribute equally towards making up Parksville's economy.

Tourism is a large part of life in Parksville as the area has long been an attraction to people from across Vancouver Island as well as the Greater Vancouver area.

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Real Estate in Parksville, BC

Parksville, BC offers a diverse real estate market that includes a variety of homes from condos, townhomes, single-family houses, and vacant lots. As the city is very popular with tourists the potential to resell especially if on water or within walking distance to downtown can be lucrative for buyers looking for a home to live in as well as those looking for rental properties.

Many homes for sale throughout Parksville, BC offer outstanding views of the Strait of Georgia and the surrounding mountain ranges or simply look out across your town all while spending considerably less than you would when living in a big city like Vancouver.

Parksville, BC offers a variety of housing options to meet your lifestyle needs such as waterfront homes on the Englishman River, new custom-built homes with spectacular ocean views, charming heritage homes, acreages and more.

Waterfront Homes

Community of Parksville, BC

The Parksville community is a close-knit one where residents take pride in their town and enjoy getting to know their neighbors. There are many local events and activities which take place throughout the year that allow residents to come together and celebrate their community spirit.

Some of the local events include the annual Uncorked Wine and Food Festival in February, Parksville Beach Festival Summer Concert Series throughout July and August, Art in the Park in July as well as Lions International Kite Festival held in July. The city also celebrates many holidays such as Canada Day and a Light Festival in December. Parksville is also home to many great restaurants that host live music, fine dining and fast-casual family restaurants where locals and tourists alike flock to.

In terms of affordability, Parksville is a great place for people looking to move from the big city without having to break the bank. The average household in this city makes a little more than $55,000 CAD which in comparison to Vancouver Island's averages at around $51,628 CAD makes a strong argument for purchasing a home in Parksville.

While this is slightly more than the national average of $52,149 CAD for British Columbia, removing the big city life and relocating to a smaller community such as Parksville can be very rewarding, giving you access to all that's needed without paying too much.

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Education Opportunities in Parksville, BC

The City of Parksville is located within School District 69 Qualicum. Springwood Elementary,  Springwood Middle School, Oceanside Middle School and Ballenas Secondary are all schools that operate in the city. There's also a continuing education centre for students who want to learn outside the regular school day as well as Collaborative Education Alternative Program which provides services such as alternate instructional practices or homebound instruction.

A regional campus of Vancouver Island University is also located within the city of Parksville.

Exceptional Recreation Options in Parksville, BC

The Parksville area is filled with exceptional recreation opportunities that include many parks, stretches of sandy ocean beaches, a large variety of sports and leisure amenities, an extensive network of cycling and hiking trails as well as a number of cultural venues.

Popular Parks and Beaches nearby the Parksville area:

MacMillan Provincial Park: Enjoy walking, hiking and cycling throughout towering Cedar and Douglas Fir forests. Whether venturing out with your furry friend or simply spending the day reconnecting with nature, MacMillan Provincial Park is the perfect place to spend some time outdoors.

Parksville Community Beach: The beachside community park is a popular gathering site for events and festivals. It features the Lion’s Venture Land Playground with its waterpark, walkway by the riverside where you can enjoy an ice cream on summer days or just watch people skateboarding through this scenic area.

Englishman River Falls Provincial Park: The Englishman River Nature Park is a stunning natural attraction located on the North Shore of Vancouver Island. It features two waterfalls that plunge down into an incredibly deep canyon, as well as walking and hiking trails nearby for those who want to take advantage of this beautiful area while enjoying their afternoon or evening outdoors!

The beautiful beaches of Parksville are home to one of British Columbia’s most prestigious sand-sculpting competitions. The event, which has been going on since 1982 and attracts artists from all over North America every year is called “Parksville Beachfest" 

In addition, its host city also offers many other family-friendly activities including fishing trips in season or just relaxing at the beachfront patio where you can enjoy your favorite drink while watching humpback whales breach before their voyage back across open water!

Beach Path in Parksville, BC

Shopping and Restaurants in Parksville, BC

While remaining a rather residential area, Parksville, BC does still offer a selection of shopping locations and restaurants for residents and visitors to choose from. Mainly dotted along 102 Island Highway, there are a handful of fast-food options as well as a number of locally owned establishments.

Choices for dining opportunities in Parksville include:

Rod & Gun | 163 Alberni Hwy, Parksville, BC

Pacific Brimm Cafe & Catering | 123 Craig Street, Parksville, BC

Pacific Prime Restaurant at The Beach Club Resort | 181 Beachside Dr, Parksville, BC

For those living in or moving to Parksville, BC, there are a few different options for shopping. These include a grocery store, discount store, a couple of clothing boutiques, a Liquor shop, and a department store. At these shops, one can find everyday essentials such as food and toiletries.

Final Thoughts

Parksville, British Columbia is an excellent place to live or move to. It has many unique features that make it a great location for any family looking for outdoor adventure close by and easy access to large stretches of beautiful sandy beaches. With the perfect combination of shopping, dining and recreation opportunities Parksville will not disappoint.

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