Before you can buy a home in Nanaimo, you have to make the decision that the community is the right one for your specific needs. Whether you have lived here all of your life, or you are just moving to the area, some of the biggest concerns for homebuyers is the economy and job market. Will you be able to find a job here, or close enough to commute comfortably? What type of work is available? There is no doubt that Nanaimo has something for everyone when it comes to home buying, but knowing that you’ll find the type of employment that is right for you isn’t always easy to do.

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Nanaimo’s Economic Makeup

Years ago, this community wasn’t much more than a mining town. Coal and forestry industries were the dominant forces in Nanaimo’s overall economic environment. That changed over time, of course. The pulp mill that was built in the 1950s was a start to that change. Later, the area developed into a local economy that’s been built on tourism. That is where it is today – a tourism centric community with so much more to offer.

And, the community has also seen a great deal of tech growth in recent years. This comes from an investment in Innovation Island, a government program aimed to encouraging startup tech companies to move into the area. That is still very much present within the area as well. Of course, you will find that job growth here, especially in the areas of technology, healthcare, and tourism, will continue to grow and prosper. There is a great deal of development along the waterfront, including potential conference spaces. This will help to make the city an even larger urban player in the Vancouver area.

As you consider all of the options in Vancouver real estate, focus in on all of the potential benefits that Nanaimo has to offer to you. With so much to expect, you will likely want to buy a home in this vibrant community. Contact Sims Real Estate today to discuss your Nanaimo real estate goals and needs.