You've found that Vancouver Island is the perfect place for you to live, but you are not sure exactly where on this large island you want to find your dream home. There's good news - most areas of the island offer key opportunities for home buyers. Whether you want to find a destination to relax and retire or you want to raise your family here, there's a neighbourhood right for your needs.  For those who wish to live on the water, there are some areas of Vancouver Island the present the very best opportunities.

Public Park - Nanaimo, BC


Perhaps one of the best areas to buy a home if you want to live on the waterfront is Nanaimo. This is a large town in a beautiful bay. It provides for some old, fishing-village style properties that are perfectly suited for those looking for a historically charming home to live in. On the other hand, along the hills overlooking the bay are numerous new developments with luxury homes, condos, and townhouses. Any of these could be your perfect waterfront property.

Lake Cowichan

You do not have to live right on the waterfront to enjoy the benefits of Vancouver Island. Some choose waterfront surrounding a lake. Lake Cowichan is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. For example, it is the perfect place to call home if you want more remote areas to live in, more natural opportunities, and more space. Lake front properties can be just as beautiful and even more luxurious. That is why this area is growing in popularity both by those looking to buy a home to live in and those looking for a home to rent out during tourism season.

Vancouver Island has the water you need. There are many areas throughout the island and around its coastline that can be perfectly suited for most people. Take the time to get to know the area before you buy a home here.