Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island

Buying real estate on Vancouver Island provides homebuyers with many types of properties and even more opportunities to find true natural treasures. If you are looking for a more remote area to call home, perhaps to purchase a cabin tucked into the woods right along the water, consider the Pacific Rim region. This area is very popular for those who are traveling from larger cities such as Seattle and Victoria and who want to step away from the crowds and hectic life to find something more relaxing.

What Is Life Like on the Pacific Rim?

If you visit Port Alberni or any of the other port areas along the shoreline, you will find the area is remote. You can spend some time hiking and fishing here. You'll find plenty of opportunities to catch salmon. However, there are many areas of shopping, dining, and golfing. You can easily spend your entire weekend biking the area.

Who is the right person to buy a home on the Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island? If you are an outdoor lover and want to own your own slice of one of the most remote areas in the region, this is the place to call home. You will find the coastline is about 90 minutes from the bigger cities, so not too far away. This could make the ideal weekend home if you live in Vancouver or one of the other cities on the island. Nevertheless, you'll enjoy this area if you want to boat, enjoy sandy beaches, or plan to spend your time simply locked away with nothing but nature around you.

The best way to get to know the Pacific Rim area is simply to explore it. Plan a weekend or a week here. Get to know the region up close. You'll quickly fall in love with it and never want to leave. That's why real estate here is so desirable.