Nanaimo should never be confused as a brand new city, though it should also not be thought of as an old city. It’s a unique combination of both, growing and diversifying with each year. The increased demand for homes in the area has encouraged a higher number of new home developments, but there are some areas to the city that are simply ideal for those who want character, historic charm, and a simply beautiful home. One area to look for this type of home is South Nanaimo. What factors make this community such an ideal location to purchase a home?

New Home for Sale in South Nanaimo BC

New Home in South Nanaimo BC | Image Provided by VIREB

Why South Nanaimo Stands Out

As a home buyer in any area of Nanaimo, you know that you are not just buying a home, but buying a life within a vibrant community. South Nanaimo is no exception, and can be the perfect place to start your search. The community is a core component of the heart of the historical importance of this area. The area is over 150 years old, becoming fully developed around 1853 when the fishing, coal mining, and forestry industries gained prominence. As you look across the eclectic range of homes for sale in South Nanaimo, you are sure to find a style that suits your goals and needs.

The community has a number of newer subdivisions. These are some of the most desirable in the region because they are limitedly available. There isn’t much more land to develop in this area, after all. Still, many people don’t want the newest homes here. Rather, they are after the older homes, those that have been present for some or most of the city’s history. With that in mind, much of this area has seen a good deal of renovation itself. It’s as modern as any other part of the community, in fact, but with a lot more historic charm wrapped into it.

As you consider South Nanaimo, and the other areas of this city, call Jason Simard and the Sims Real Estate team. Working with a Vancouver Island real estate agent that knows the region well is the best way to ensure you find your dream home in this area of our beautiful community.