Are you seeking out an area on Vancouver Island designed to meet your family's needs but isn't in the tourism-centric area of the city? Take a closer look at Cedar. Though Cedar may be thought of as a small village, it is home to a number of up and coming neighbourhoods and exceptional amenities. If you have yet to visit the area, now is the time to do so. It is a country-charming region, but still has ample modern amenities to offer. It is this unique charm that has helped Cedar to become one of Nanaimo's most desirable places to buy real estate.

2520 Pylades Drive Nanaimo, NA V9G 1E5

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Exploring Cedar

Cedar is only a few minutes from the southern portion of Nanaimo. However, that small space makes all of the difference. It is helping real estate buyers looking for tranquility to find exactly what they need. The area is cozy and a bit rural, due in part to the natural beauty around it. It is this type of location that encourages home buyers to move into the area while allowing them easy access to the big city at the same time.

There are various amenities here including golf courses, various community shopping and dining areas, and outstanding recreational opportunities. It is easy to get around the region from Duke Point ferry. In addition to this, Cedar has a strong sense of community and provides an easy opportunity for home buyers to discover a vibrant lifestyle.

Real estate in Vancouver Island's Cedar area is quite diverse. You will find it remains some of the most affordable property in the area, but new developments and higher demand are boosting values here. Those who live in Nanaimo or who are moving to the area will find Cedar to be a rich place to call home, surrounded by modern amenities but still rural. Take a closer look at this area to find out what you can expect.