Vancouver Island is quite the large area. You have plenty of regions within the island that you can select to live in. Each one is quite distinct. For many people, the Central Island region is ideal. This is perhaps the best area for those who want to enjoy the warm ocean breezes and the tranquil lakes that this island has to offer. The mountains here create somewhat of a shelter, helping to keep the temperatures more moderate and level. There is some great fishing in this area as well.

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Cities to Choose From

Vancouver Island's central area has plenty to offer. This area is a bit more rural than near the western or eastern coastlines, but that is one of the key reasons so many people buy here. You will find spacious farmland, outstanding, lush forested areas, and incredibly serene escapes to call your own. Consider these cities.

Qualicum Beach has a strong British heritage. This is one of the best small towns in the area. It offers some great open spaces, provincial parks, and it's only a few minutes from just about everything. If you want to be on the water, this is a good choice.

Lighthouse Country is on the eastern coast of the central area of Vancouver Island. It has a strong Native culture and some 60 miles of coastline and beaches for you to enjoy. It's naturally beautiful and home to properties that offer expansive waterfront and ample land.

Comox is another ideal choice. It is a charming seaside village founded in the mid-1800's. The recreational activities are great here including golf, swimming, and outstanding hiking. It's a bit more remote but highly desirable for those looking for a peaceful retreat.

Any of these locations are going to be ideal for those looking for a serene lifestyle in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas of the region. Check out all Central Island has to offer to you.