The Campbell River is a fantastic place not only to visit but also to call home. This community has something for everyone. If you want to find an affordable Vancouver Island home, you'll find that here. On the other hand, it has a growing luxury real estate market as well. As you consider the Campbell River area, take a bit of a closer look at what you can expect in the market here.

In the North

Campbell River is actually quite the large city comparatively. It sits in the northern portion of Vancouver Island. While it looks and often times feels remote, it has a large and growing downtown area. This is where many of the local businesses are. It is also home to some of the best beachfront homes on Vancouver Island. This unique mix creates quite the feel of a resort town. Yet, many of the people that buy real estate here live here. You'll quickly get to know your neighbours.

From the fun artisan shops (be sure to check out the funky furniture shops) to the busy downtown town area, there is always something to do and see here. But, it does not just provide you with a city feel. In fact, you will find dozens of outdoor activities here. These include motor cross, hiking, ice skating, freshwater fishing, biking, and kayaking. Many people love this region for the salmon fishing, but you will also find it is a fantastic place for families as well.

If these are some of the activities you see yourself and your family enjoying, consider meeting with our Vancouver Island real estate agents. Let us help you to find the ideal home along the Campbell River that fits your family's unique needs. Most importantly, you'll quickly see this area is a treasure for those who want both a city like feel and ample nature surrounding you with views that extend for miles.