Let's face it. Living on Vancouver Island means you'll have access to some of the very best in fishing and outdoor adventures. The area is nearly packed with incredible adventures! However, there are some areas where it's ideal to buy a home when what you really want is a place to go fish and relax. Whether this will be your new home all year long or just when there is a need to get out onto the water, Vancouver Island's best communities for fishing put you right up close to your favourite catch!

Vancouver Island Fishing Community

Image courtesy of VIREB

A good place to start is Alert Bay. This is a small island that's right off Cormorant. You can get there by Port McNeil. If you make your way here, you'll find it has a small community with a charming design. And, you'll have ample options in fishing.

Courtenay is another ideal choice and it is about 60 km from Qualicum Beach. It is more tourist friendly, but the area has some of the best salmon fishing. Locals still come here and that's why buying a home here is ideal. In the winter, plan to ski, too.

Tofino is another choice for the fishing lover because of its more remote location. It is on the northern line of the Pacific Rim National Park, giving you ample access to some of the area's best fishing opportunities. You'll love being able to enjoy the privacy and quiet lifestyle present here. You are also able to access a rainforest like environment.

Sooke is a small area, more like a village, that is on the southwestern portion of Vancouver Island and it offers some of the best experiences here. You'll love the fishing opportunities and the ability to choose a home that is overlooking the water.

When it comes to Vancouver Island, there is nearly no location that is too far out of the way for the fish lover. Where will you buy a home here?