Best Elementary Schools in Nanaimo

Located on the sunny east coast of Vancouver Island is the city of Nanaimo. Filled with shops, cafes, and a great community for children to grow up in. While strolling through the beautiful city you find a number of schools, both elementary and secondary and as a parent, choosing one of these schools can cause some stress. Every parent wants their child to receive a great education, make friends and life-lasting memories, which is why we are giving you the best elementary schools located in the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Chase River Elementary School

1503 Cranberry Ave, Nanaimo, BC

Phone: 250-754-6983

Chase River Elementary – Nanaimo Ladysmith Public School

Chase River provides its students with a safe, warm and friendly learning environment. The grades offered at this school are kindergarten through to grade seven and enrols roughly 220 children. The staff strives to teach their students independence, and lifelong learnings to prepare them for the real world and be successful as a pupil living in the 21st century. 

Mission Statement: Ensure a safe, supportive and respectful environment which promotes the development of individual potential and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. 

What the people are saying: Students and parents empathize how great this school is and has been for not only the students but the parents as well.

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Cilaire Elementary School

25 Cilaire Dr, Nanaimo, BC

Phone: 205-758-7941

Cilaire Elementary – Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools Site

Being located near the water is bound to give its students and staff a nice tranquil effect which allows happier days at Cilaire. Also home to the cyclones, this school enrols approx 160 students from K-7. Everyone at Cilaire elementary “strives to provide a safe, caring, inclusive and welcoming environment that promotes the rights and responsibilities of all who work and learn together.”

Review from a community member: “Beautiful school and area to walk around. Anyone who believes otherwise hasn't sat and enjoyed the view of the water!”

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École Quarterway Elementary School

1632 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, BC

Phone: 205-754-6845

Quarterway School : Home

This French immersion school teaches around 425 students from k-7. All subjects minus English will be taught to the students in the french language. The staff here focuses on challenging their students academically, socially, emotionally as well as focusing on aboriginal studies, health and fitness and more. The school strives to help its students self-regulate, process information and successfully problem solve. 

Mission Statement: To create a community partnership within a safe environment that will inspire well-rounded, lifelong learners.

Créer une association des différents membres de la communauté scolaire au sein d'un milieu sécurisant où les élèves sont inspiré à devenir des apprenants à part entière pour la vie.

Review from a parent: “An amazing school filled with amazing staff and students. I am glad to call this place home for my 3 children through their elementary careers.”

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Hammond Bay Elementary School

1025 Morningside Dr, Nanaimo, BC

Phone: 250-758-5711

Ecole Hammond Bay Elementary 

Another excellent French immersion school Nanaimo has to offer its residents is Ecole Hammond Bay; home to the hornets. This outstanding school is located adjacent to the stunning Neck Point Park and enrols around 360 students in kindergarten through to grade seven. Hammond is the biggest french immersion elementary school in the district and they are adding even more classrooms!

Mission Statement: “We shall provide learning experiences in cooperation with the family and the community. We shall help children develop the skills and attitudes necessary for fulfilment as individuals and as responsible members of society.”

Review from a community member: “Exceptional Nanaimo public school.  French Immersion.”

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Park Avenue Elementary School

395 Eighth St, Nanaimo, BC

Phone: 250-754-5591

Park Avenue Elementary – Nanaimo Ladysmith Public School

A place where students are taught to be safe, caring and responsible citizens. The staff at Park Avenue strive to have an educational climate that encourages their students to grow socially, academically and physically. This school has a plethora of support from the members of their community to help build gardens on the school grounds, improve technology, and offer after-school programs. 

What are the people saying? “best school in the area!”  

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Forest Park Elementary School

2050 Latimer Rd, Nanaimo, BC

Phone: 250-758-6892

Forest Park Elementary – Nanaimo Ladysmith Public School

400 students, k-7 are enrolled in Forest Park, a school located in central Nanaimo. Offering a plethora of activities and opportunities for the students attending this elementary school including a boys and girls club on-site. The staff strives to provide a positive, caring and stimulating environment for its diverse community. This great school located in Nanaimo has goals that are student orientated which are as follows:

1. Increase the number of students reading at or beyond grade level by fostering a passion for reading.

2. To improve reading skills and comprehension among our Kindergarten to Grade 7 students.  

Mission Statement: Forest Park School is committed to fostering in each child academic excellence, social responsibility, and the joy of life-long learning as a shared responsibility of home, school, and community. 

Review: “A FANTASTIC school! Definitely recommend!”

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Coal Tyee Elementary School

2280 Sun Valley Dr, Nanaimo, BC

Phone: 250-729-0450

Coal Tyee Elementary School – Nanaimo Ladysmith Public School

Another centrally located school is Coal Tyee, home of the cougars and enrolls 340 students from k-7. This is also one of the younger schools in the city, being just built-in 1996. This school is named after Che-Wech-I-Kan who was an important first nations gentleman who is a part of Nanaimo's rich history. This is a school who is socially responsible and strives to teach its students how to be socially responsible in their community. 

Schools Goals: To improve students ability to read. To increase reading stamina and comprehension.  

Student Review: “I was a student for 7 years am and now I’m in grade 8 I can honestly say this is an amazing school it has some amazing teachers and not so amazing teachers. But all in all a really good school.”

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McGirr Elementary School

6199 McGirr Rd, Nanaimo, BC

Phone: 250-758-8946

Mcgirr Elementary School – Nanaimo Ladysmith Public School

A popular school for the surrounding community and enrols around 410 students between kindergarten and grade seven. 

Mission Statement: “As a school community of staff, students and parents, we commit to virtues such as courtesy, excellence, respect and responsibility.  Through the active promotion of these values, we will instil the attitudes, knowledge and skills for lifelong learning.”

Local community review: “This is a popular, neighbourhood elementary school. It has a fine, well - earned reputation.”

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An education is an important part of growing up. Though academic development is essential, students are encouraged to grow socially and personally as well. We hope reading up on some of the best schools Nanaimo has to offer helps our readers with any decision they may be making regarding their child's education.