Located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo offers many opportunities to take in all the natural beauty that this region has to offer. Looking for something a bit more exciting? Take a look at theses five adrenaline-pumping activities!

The Nanaimo River offers plenty of opportunities for cliff jumping. Popular diving spots are scattered throughout the area’s rugged rock formations. They are easily accessible from the hiking trails. Natural cliffs jut out beneath bridges and create a perfect place to take that flying leap into the river. Nothing matches those exhilarating seconds midair before hitting the cool, refreshing water. Remember to gauge your distance to the water, and always practice safe diving techniques.

If you want to practice your prowess in hand-eye coordination, axe throwing is surely the most fitting for this land of outdoorsmen. If you have never pitched an axe at a bull’s-eye, you will discover that it brings to mind darts or range shooting. Simply book a lane or drop in on a Friday night. It may look a bit dangerous, but this is an astonishingly fun activity for groups.

As a seaport, Nanaimo abounds in aquatic life. Did you know that you can actually swim with the seals? Snorkeling off of Snake Island, you will find that its Harbour Seals are friendly and curious about people. Many seem unaware that Nanaimo promotes this as eco-tourism, so you will have plenty of freedom to explore the sea and get to know the seals. Remember to demonstrate an appropriate respect for their domain as you swim in their habitat.

Flyboarding is another activity common to the region. The flyboard itself resembles a snowboard but it’s the two Jet Skis that takes this to the next level. Propelled above the water, maintaining balance can be a challenge at first. The coordination this unusual sport requires means that you will be working muscles you might have forgotten you had! Flyboarding provides a uniquely memorable experience that many find addictive.

Last but not least, head back to the Nanaimo River for some bungee jumping. Experience the raw thrill of flying backwards 150 feet through the air only to be caught just in time from hitting the water. Nanaimo offers unparalleled natural beauty. Bunjee jumping provides crazy angles to view it from and appreciate it anew.

Enjoy Nanaimo’s unique physical environment when you engage in one or all of these fun activities.