Kim Cardinal - REALTOR®

South Island


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#301-1321 Blanshard Street, Victoria B.C. V8W 0B6

About Me 


There’s no place like home!  There’s no place like home… There’s no place like home!  One of my favourite movie lines and so true.  I have enjoyed calling Victoria home for a very long time.  Where else can you find fabulous restaurants, great entertainment, warm and friendly people, top quality schools, beautiful parks & cool architecture?  I know you might be thinking of several exciting world cities, but I truly love this one and I’m proud to work daily for my clients, helping them buy and sell Victoria real estate.

I’ve been lucky!  I’ve lived all over this great city.  I currently enjoy my morning coffee in the Highlands; a peaceful, rural setting with just enough wildlife to keep things exciting.  Most of my days are spent working with delightful clients, staging homes, chatting with lawyers, reading over home inspection reports, viewing homes, negotiating contracts, putting a SOLD sign on a lawn or passing keys over to ecstatic, new home owners.

I finish my day by coming home to a super supportive husband and wonderful children.  Oh, but anyway… “Toto, we’re home!  And this is my room and you’re all here and I’m not going to leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all!  And oh, Aunti Em, there’s no place like home.”