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About Me 

Dhee Bayaborda, born on May 27, 1984, is a dedicated individual who hails from the beautiful country of the Philippines. Growing up in the Philippines, Dhee developed a strong passion for education and pursued a degree in Education, majoring in Physical Education, Health, and Music.

After completing his studies, Dhee embarked on a fulfilling career as a teacher, sharing his knowledge and nurturing young minds for a remarkable seven years. His commitment to the growth and development of his students made him a beloved figure in the education community.

Seeking new challenges and opportunities, Dhee transitioned into the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, where he excelled as a Client Care Specialist and Product Trainer for over seven years. His exceptional communication skills and ability to build rapport with clients allowed him to provide excellent service and support to ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition to his BPO experience, Dhee also explored the world of freelance work, serving as an Inside Sales Agent for three years. His dedication, perseverance, and persuasive abilities allowed her to successfully contribute to various sales campaigns.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Dhee nurtures a love for various hobbies. He finds solace in the tranquility of camping, the refreshing sensation of swimming, and the joy of indulging in Netflix movies. However, Dhee's greatest joy comes from spending quality time with his loving family.

Speaking of family, Dhee is a proud father of two adorable children—a one-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy. Balancing her professional and personal life, Dhee cherishes every moment with his children and strives to provide them with a nurturing and loving environment.

Dhee Bayaborda's journey is marked by his unwavering dedication, passion for education, and exceptional skills in the BPO industry. As he continues to embrace new experiences and make a positive impact on those around him, Dhee's story serves as an inspiration to all who encounter him.