Bella Dhillon - REALTOR®

Central Island


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#2 - 3179 Barons Road, Nanaimo B.C. B9T 5W5

About Me 

I hold the belief that destiny guides us to our rightful paths, and it led me to pursue a career in real estate. The process of buying and selling a house represents one of the most significant transactions individuals undertake in their lives. My role is to ensure this transaction unfolds seamlessly, alleviating any stress associated with it.

From my early days, I have been an athlete, fostering qualities of vitality, confidence, and a positive outlook. I approach life with a mindset of either winning or learning; I do not perceive any instance as a loss. A cornerstone of my routine is the gym, which I prioritize six days a week. I firmly believe that maintaining a healthy body is pivotal to cultivating a positive and joyful atmosphere in one's surroundings.

During my leisure hours, I cherish moments spent with my son and husband. Whether it's watching movies together or embarking on long walks, these activities hold great value in our lives. As I look ahead, I am excited about the prospect of connecting with new individuals, welcoming them into this collective journey we call life.